Leuchtpistole Hebel

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Leuchtpistole Hebel

Post by Weidman » Mon 26 Sep 2011, 13:45

Leuchtpistole Hebel

Johann Gustav Anschütz, Zella-Mehlis, producer code JGA
Heinrich Bader, Zella-St Blasii
Emil Barthelmes, Zella-St Blasii, producer code B.E.
Bohling & Eschrich, Zella-Mehlis, producer code B & E
Franz Burkhardt, Suhl, producer code FB
Christoph Funk, Suhl, producer code Chr. F.
Greifelt & Co, Suhl, producer code G & Co.
Emil Kerner, Suhl, producer code E.K.
Fritz Langenhan, Zella-Mehlis, producer code F.L.
Immanuel Meffert, producer code M
August Menz, Suhl, producer code A.M.
Oskar Merkel, Suhl, producer code O.M.
Bernharz Paaz, Zella-Mehlis, producer code B.P.
Gebrüder Rempt, Suhl, producer code Gebr. R.
Valentin Christian Schilling, Suhl, producer code V.C.S.
G. Teschner & Co., Frankfurt an der Oder, producer code Tesco
Bruno Weis, Suhl-Goldlauter, producer code B.W.
Oskar Will, Suhl, producer code O.W.
Artilleriezeugsfabrik Wien, Wien, producer code AZF
Waffenhauptfabrik Wien, Wien, producer code W.H.F.
A. Francotte, Liege
Steyr Daimler Puch AG
F. Delu, Liege,
Waldorp, Den Haag
Unknown producers, producer codes Dapag, J&C, LBJ. or M.R.

Caliber: 4
Length: 36 cm
Weight: 1800 gram

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